Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello Fashion Editor

Top Shelf Magmabooks
Terry's News Stand Soho London
photo by cake

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tea Party for Spirits

The Dirty Skirts, pre live show / Cape Town

The After Party / back room at The Assembly

Tea darling.. . and cake? / London

Japanese Love Hotel check in / Osaka

Twist and Shake / West Hollywood

text by Little Robot
photo by cake

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Dinky-Bloc Publishers

Japanese I-novel published by Dinky-Bloc
I Married My Mother by Hilary Maraney
Vintage Newspaper Supplement entitled The Kinema Post
photo by Benny Maraney

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

we are a gush and a glo

Phyllis and Lili don fur. We wear Fendi.

Word is out- Alf and his brother Jack send luvies
for the eBook all the way from Muizenberg Cape Town 1934

Don't forget your handbag.
Are you wearing Vivienne Westwood, dear?

What about me? I heard there's a launch. I too am into literary memoir.
So nu? Whose the shlemiel who thinks I can't read? This bear did time
at Stanford University. I did them all from Chekov to Sam Shephard.
Don't lets forget Alan Ayckbourn down in Scarborough.

Forget Afrika! Up anchors- the Barnett’s are off to party
at the Bull and Bush. Little Robot’s doing a reading.
We wear Chanel pantihose and Mainbocher designed our coats!

Hush. Its late. No time for tea.

IMM by Hilary Marnaney
A literary memoir in the genre of a Japanese I-novel.

I Married My Mother uncovers the complex relationship between a mother and a daugther, from a dreamlike quality of wonder to fragile emotional states. A surreal memoir about a little girl growing up in Cape Town in the fifties, set against the backdrop of a white middle class society, seen through the eyes and voice of the child. A holographic journey into the psychological effects of hosting the ‘enemy within’, the heroine scarred by the myriad reflections of her mother’s negative entities.

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